Cutting and punching process for precision sheet metal processing


The raw material for the sheet metal manufacturing process is the output of the rolling process. Usually, the metal sheet is sold as a flat rectangular piece of standard size, and if the sheet is long, it may be rolled. Therefore, the first step in any sheet metal process is to cut the correct shape and select “blank” from a larger worksheet. Sheet metal processing is an important process in many industries, such as household appliances, electronics, toys and personal computers. Most of these products have a metal casing made by cutting and bending a metal sheet. Let's look at some basic sheet metal cutting and forming processes.

Cutting in precision sheet metal processing is similar to cutting a piece of paper with scissors, but the machine used is a bit different. There are two typical machines for cutting metal sheets - the first is a shearing machine, which has A long blade for cutting straight lines; it is used to cut long pieces of metal into smaller pieces. This operation is similar to the operation of the paper cutter: the metal sheet is held on top of the hardened mold and the shearing blade is cut down, usually by an electric or hydraulic punch.

Another sheet metal punching machine - the cutting tool is a punch, a piece of hard tool steel, which is punched to cut a hole in the board. The punch is a turret punch press - the rotary table is a rotating tool holder that can accommodate dozens of dies of different shapes and sizes, typically rectangular and circular. Long grooves can be cut through a series of stampings. A typical punching operation is similar to the punching operation of a punched paper that you may have used to punch a paper in a three-ring binder.

What are the equipments required for sheet metal processing: in general, laser cutting machines, shearing machines, bending machines, welding machines, painting lines, assembly workshops, etc. are required.

As the speed of the times is constantly changing, the needs of customers are constantly changing, and what our customers need to pay attention to in the process of sheet metal processing is also an issue that customers are eager to care about.

1.Specification size. The first thing that consumers need to pay attention to in the process of sheet metal processing is the attention on the size of the specification. The excellentness in the size of the specification meets the needs of the use of sheet metal parts in the process of sheet metal processing. In the middle, consumers need to confirm the requirements on the data to ensure the installation and use needs.

2. The use of materials. In the process of sheet metal processing, consumers need to pay attention to the confirmation of the use of materials. The materials used affect the price. In the process of sheet metal processing, consumers need to pay attention to this. Similarly, materials The excellence also affects the performance of sheet metal parts.

3. The use of technology. In the process of sheet metal processing, the last thing that consumers need to pay attention to is the need to use technology. In terms of technology, because of the different performance and effect of different technologies, consumers need to choose Confirmation, to ensure that the performance requirements are met.

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