How to improve the production efficiency of sheet metal parts in the process of sheet metal processing


How to improve the production efficiency of sheet metal parts in the process of sheet metal processing

1. Stainless steel is mainly used without any surface treatment and has high cost.

2, hot rolled sheet SHCC, material T ≥ 3.0mm, also used electroplating, painted parts, low cost, but difficult to form, mainly using flat pieces.

3. Galvanized sheet SECC, SGCC. SECC electrolytic board is divided into N material and P material. N material is mainly used for surface treatment, and the cost is high. P material is used for spraying parts.

4. Copper; mainly used for conductive materials, the surface treatment is nickel plating, chrome plating, or no treatment, and the cost is high.

5, aluminum plate; generally with surface chromate (J11-A), laser sheet metal processing oxidation (conductive oxidation, chemical oxidation), high cost, silver plated, nickel plated.

6, aluminum profiles; complex cross-section materials, a large number of used in a variety of plug-in boxes. The surface treatment is the same as the aluminum plate.

7. Cold rolled sheet SPCC, mainly used for electroplating and baking parts, low cost, easy to form, material thickness ≤ 3.2mm. The general sheet metal processing curved plate 90 degrees are required to be realized by the pressure in the V-shaped planing groove, so the relationship between them is the tooling tool. The v-shaped planing groove processing can also be said to be a process of sheet metal processing, and some are used. The outer R angle of the gold product (thicker thickness) is too large to be beautiful. The sheet metal processing is so that the v-groove is cut at the bend (that is, the thickness of the plate is thin). The V-shaped planer has two functions: It is to reduce the corner of the bend. Generally, the angle of the bend of the sheet metal is equal to the thickness of the sheet. If the angle of the bend required by the workpiece is smaller than the thickness of the sheet, the V-groove is required. Second, the bending force is reduced when the workpiece is When the bending force is greater than the tonnage of the bending machine and cannot be bent, the V-shaped groove can be cut to reduce the bending force.

1. Unloading: There are various ways of cutting, mainly in the following ways

1. Punch: It is a punching and forming of flat parts with different parts on the plate by one or more steps. It has the advantages of short labor, high efficiency, high precision, low cost and high volume. Production, but to design the mold.

2. Shearing machine: It is a simple material that uses shearing machine to cut strips. It is mainly used for the blanking forming of molds. The cost is low, the precision is less than 0.2, but only the strips or blocks without holes and chamfers can be processed. material.

3, laser cutting, is the use of laser cutting method, the shape of the flat plate is cut out on the large flat plate, the same as the NC blanking needs to write a laser program, it can be used in various complex shapes of flat parts, high cost, precision At 0.1.

4, NC NC cutting, NC cutting first, we must first write a CNC machining program, using the programming software, the drawing of the drawing is written into a program recognizable by the NC number processing machine, allowing it to process the Suzhou sheet metal processing according to these programs. The flat plate members of various shapes are punched out on the flat plate, but the structure is obtained by the tool structure, and the cost is low, and the precision is 0.15.

5. Sawing machine: It mainly uses aluminum profiles, square tubes, tube tubes, round bars and the like, with low cost and precision.

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