Inspection methods and requirements for sheet metal appearance defects


1. Inspection methods and requirements for appearance defects:

The product to be inspected is placed under the following conditions for inspection and determination:

A, visual distance: 25cm from the product

B. Inspection angle: 45 degree visual inspection.

C. Inspection light source: Normal fluorescent lamp, the illumination of 40W fluorescent lamp or 60W ordinary bulb is standard when there is no sunlight in the room.

D. Observation time: <10 seconds (3 seconds for each visible plane).

E. Check the relevant inspection materials before checking the semi-finished products and finished products.

2. Inspection method for the matching of appearance size and size

Measurements are made using a common length gauge or various gauges.

3. Classification of unqualified categories:

According to the specific practical requirements of customers in this industry, the appearance of metal sheet metal products is unqualified, such as poor brightness, bad edges, deformation, stains (unclean), pitting, indentation, coarse sand, and sanding. In combination with the customer requirements level of the above unqualified categories, sheet metal products can be divided into 6 grades and special grades to distinguish between light and heavy.

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