Powder coating color


If a product is to express color, how to express the appearance color in general?

There are many types of colors. It is obviously not enough to describe colors simply by text, and it is easy to cause ambiguity. Therefore, a color card is generated. A color card is a reflection of natural materials on certain materials. Right, communication is a tool to achieve uniform standards within a certain range of colors.

How is the color of the product expressed on the drawing?

Generally, the color is not indicated on the product drawings, but only the specific surface treatment method. The same surface treatment method may involve many different color effects. Therefore, expressing colors on the drawings will have great limitations. Generally When the order is made, the corresponding color number is noted. This color number is a color code in a certain color card system, which is used to express a certain color. The produced product can be used in the corresponding color by this color code. In the card system, the difference in color is compared, and if it is within the allowed range of color difference, it is regarded as qualified.

What are the color cards and which ones are generally used?

Color cards are divided into general color cards and special color cards. General color cards are also divided into general color cards for different industries. For example, Pantone color cards (Pantone color cards) are specialized in graphic design, clothing and home furnishings, coatings, and printing. The color card is a widely used color card internationally.

Powder coating color

The German RAL color card, RAL is a German color card brand, this color card is widely used internationally, the Chinese translation is: Raul color card, also known as the European standard Color cards. 

surface treatment

There are Swedish NCS color cards, Japanese DIC color cards, Munsell color cards, etc .; RAL-7035 is industrial gray, which is a color in the RAL color card.

Pantone and Raul are the two most widely used brands in the color card, one in the United States and one in Germany. In fact, the Raul brand has been in business for much longer than Panton, but at present international and domestic Panton is basically One-sided advantage. The cheapest volume of the color card also has seven or eight hundred RMB, a set of several thousand RMB. However, it is basically a very powerful thing to achieve the same color in each batch of booklets.

For example, when talking about the Pantone color number with suppliers, basically everyone who knows the color of paint printing will know it, and basically each of these companies will be equipped with a volume and basic production tools.

The special color card is that some companies need to more intuitively reflect the color and texture of the product's appearance due to the influence of product materials and surface treatment processes. The specific color cards produced are named according to their own company's naming system. The color of parts in different batches can be the same, which avoids the problem of too much color difference caused by different batch production to customer supply.

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