The Status of Sheet Metal Fabrication Industry


Sheet metal processing usually refers to a comprehensive cold working process for metal sheets below 6mm, including plate shearing, stamping, laser cutting, compounding, bending, welding, riveting, splicing, forming, etc. The only difference is that the thickness is not the same. The sheet metal fabrication industry is closely related to our daily life. In factory, your machine cover, control box, meter box, your steel bracket are all fabricated by shet metal. At home, your metal roof, metal fence, air conditioner bracket, shoe bracket are also made by sheet metal fabrication.

Although sheet metal accounts for 20%-30% of metal processing, however, almost all processing in the manufacturing industry have relations with sheet metal fabrication . China, as the world's processing and manufacturing center, according to statistics, at present, the number of existing enterprises in the sheet metal processing industry in China exceeds 30,000, and the number of employees exceeds 1.8 million. The annual consumption of sheet metal parts exceeds 40 million tons, and the total sales amount reaches 500 billion yuan.

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